QuickInsured Affinity Program

Making the Insurance Process Simple for Homeowners & Lenders

At QuickInsured, we know how exciting it is to purchase a new home. We also know how lengthy and stressful the homebuying process can be. That is why we have partnered with the nation’s top providers and innovators in technology to make the insurance process simple for homeowners.

What is the Affinity Program?

Getting a home insurance quote and selecting a carrier can become time consuming and prolong the homebuying process. Through this program, mortgage loan brokers can connect a mortgage loan consumer to our automated on-demand software that will allow them to review an instant home insurance quote while finalizing the terms of their loan.

This program is not only beneficial for homeowners, but it also gives mortgage brokers the freedom to keep the process moving with little to no interruption. From start to finish, this technology enables loan officers to provide borrowers with a secure, bindable quote in just seconds.

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If you’re a new homeowner, or a loan officer looking to make the homebuying process more simplified, call or contact us today to learn more about our Affinity Program.

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