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Meet Our Team of Experts

Our staff is here to help you when you need them.
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Derek Batt VP of Business Development 614-500-4159 derek.batt@quickinsured.com
Bill Aderski Account Executive
Inside Sales
267-414-4987 bill.aderski@quickinsured.com
Jon Stoner Account Executive 614-328-9964 jon.stoner@quickinsured.com
Nick Murnane Sales Team Lead 614-328-9968 nick.murnane@quickinsured.com
Drake Fletcher Insurance Consultant
Personal Lines
614-678-5369 drake.fletcher@quickinsured.com
Zach Resler Insurance Consultant
Personal Lines
614-852-4394 Zach.Resler@quickinsured.com
Shane Price Insurance Consultant
Personal Lines
614-418-1792 shane.price@quickinsured.com
Trevor Trudeau Insurance Consultant
Personal Lines
614-699-2752 trevor.trudeau@quickinsured.com
Dana Jenkins Insurance Consultant
Retention Specialist
614-441-9367 dana.jenkins@quickinsured.com
Jeremy Schoener Insurance Consultant
Commercial and Personal Lines
614-702-2624 jeremy.schoener@quickinsured.com
Drew Batt Operations Support 614-221-8199 drew.batt@quickinsured.com
Caitlin Tataru Client Care Specialist 614-591-4891 Caitlin.Tataru@quickinsured.com
Kylie Fadley Client Care Specialist
Renewal Specialist
614-210-0268 kylie.fadley@quickinsured.com
John Moore Client Care Specialist 614-701-9952 john.moore@quickinsured.com
Rikki Roehrenbeck Human Resources 614-852-4014 rikki.roehrenbeck@quickinsured.com
Lindsay Kelly Business Development Assistant Lindsay.Kelly@quickinsured.com
Jonathan Baird Insurance Consultant
Personal Lines
614-636-4910 Jonny.Baird@quickinsured.com