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Quick Quote for Lenders

Quick Quote, is a seamlessly integrated service within loan origination systems to automate and expedite the Homeowner’s Insurance “shopping” process. With a simple click of a button, mortgage loan professionals can connect their borrowers with homeowner’s insurance quotes from multiple A-rated carriers within seconds, virtually eliminating the often time-consuming shopping process for their borrowers completely. Lenders no longer have to worry about homeowner’s insurance holding up the origination process.

Making the Insurance Process Simple for Lenders & Borrowers

We know how exciting it is to purchase a new home. We also know how lengthy and stressful the homebuying process can be. That is why we have partnered with the nation's top providers and innovators in technology to make the homeowner’s insurance process simple for both lenders and homeowners. With the click of a button, our Quick Quote system can securely gather the required information to quote multiple homeowner’s insurance quotes within just moments. It is just that simple!

Why Use the Quick Quote?

At QuickInsured, we understand the cost of loan origination is on the rise and that lenders are looking for other ways to beat the competition. Our Quick Quote provides an easy to use a competitive advantage without increasing the cost of origination. Borrowers love how easy it is to get accurate homeowner’s insurance quotes without having to spend hours calling different agencies. Lenders love that the Quick Quote essentially eliminates the waiting caused by unresponsive or slow moving insurance agents during both the purchase and refinance process, making it easier to close loans faster and with more efficiency. With this service, lenders are now able to leverage homeowner’s insurance and add significant value to the borrowers mortgage experience.

Get Started Today

If you’re a loan officer looking to make the home buying process more simplified, contact us today to learn more about our Quick Quote service.

For more information, call 614-500-4159 or email us at quickquote@quickinsured.com.


The Quick Quote was great and the borrower loved how quick and easy it was. It was great as we needed to know the premium amount ASAP due to debt to income ratios in order to make sure everything was good to go with the offer she just submitted. She has already picked which quote she wants to go with from you guys!

- Mortgage Loan Officer

This is a GREAT option and I am sure we will be using this opportunity to assist our clients with the best rate for their homeownership needs. Thank you so much.

- Loan Officer

So far the process works and your agent was right on the quote and our customer has decided to use the service. Your agent was great in getting to the customer and explaining insurance coverage.

- Mortgage Loan Originator

The process was wonderful! This borrower is first time home-buyer with A LOT of questions and your agent did an amazing job of picking up on that clue to provide further clarification on everything to this borrower. Great experience all around!

- Loan Coordinator

I’ve been wanting to use your service and I finally had an opportunity with a borrower that was unsure of his coverage. I have begun adding a message about your service in each of my welcome emails to the borrowers. This was a very easy process on my end so far.

- Production Specialist / Loan Officer Assistant